Shades of Green

Wood Craft Custom Cabinets uses the renewable resource "wood" to construct quality cabinetry, furniture and "Wood Crafts." We also do what we can to reduce our impact on the environment. For example:

  • All supplies are bought from managed forests (Columbia Forest Properties)
  • We use florescent lighting in our shop.
  • We recycle paper and plastics.
  • We use the web and very little print.
  • We run our business from our home so we walk to work.
  • We use a 100% efficient gas stove.
  • We use scrap wood to help heat our home/business.
  • Saw Dust is collected and spread for cattle bedding.
  • Cattle bedding is eventually used for dirt in our green house.
  • All rain water is collected for use by livestock.
1250 Clearview Lane | Nixa, Missouri | 417.724.0992